Timeless Interior Design Ideas to Try

timeless interior design ideas

Have you ever looked at the latest trends in interior design and wanted to run away screaming? It seems that pastels (or millennial pink, as it’s been so proudly dubbed) are still alive and kicking, and it shows no sign of stopping. There is always room for trends, but sometimes classic design is the most sought after. Of course, there are different variations on the term “classic”, but they’re all called classic for a reason. Minimal, understated or timeless designs are perfect for any household, not just the country estates found in movies. Here are some timeless interior design secrets that will never go out of style.

Keep It Clean
Modern classic interiors all have one thing in common: they’re not too cluttered. A room may have a lot of furniture or items in it, but it never looks crowded or gaudy. Louisa Bochner from Service Seeking knows how to create a classic base. “The way to design your home to not look tacky or outdated is simple. Whites, simple colours, and classic designs will work in any home. Avoid trends and choosing the cheapest option. When in doubt, less is more- don’t over clutter, or fill your home with extra furnishings and gadgets that will become out of fashion quickly.” You can follow Service Seeking on Facebook to find out more tips and tricks.You never want to add layer upon layer, because then the design will start to look muddled and messy. Unless you’re going for a rococo-inspired look, where they add layer upon layer of extravagant golds, pinks and blues, keep things simple and clean.

Picture Perfect
If your walls are looking a bit bare, but not in a minimal way, you should consider putting up some art. You can stick to a theme, such as abstract pieces, or you could upgrade your teenage self and put some posters up. You know you’re an adult when you keep your posters in a frame, and it looks so good! The good thing about putting up posters is that you can chop and change your mind depending on your current theme or aesthetic. You don’t need much to work this look, just a minimal frame (one that doesn’t detract from the art you’re putting on display), a bare wall and some power tools. Keep in mind that if you’re going for a classic and modern look, you should avoid posters or art that may be quick to age or quick to become “old fashioned” rather than classic.

A Pop Of Colour
If your home is too simple, and it feels like it’s a bit soulless, you can always add a pop of colour. Judith Treanor from Temples & Markets knows how you can add your personality into the room. “The best way to vamp up the home is to add pops of colour and personality. [Add] decorative pieces such as new unique cushion covers, candle holders and figurines. You can find out more wonderful tips from Judith by following Temples and Markets on Facebook. If you’re having some troubles trying to find out what colour to pick, consider the rest of your house. You shouldn’t consider a neon colour if the rest of your house is neutral in hue. Consider your personal taste too. If you like jewel tones, try a royal purple or navy blue. However, the darker the colour, the smaller your room will look, so think about the pros and cons!

Classic On The Inside, Modern On The Outside
If you have a classic interior, you don’t have to keep it flowing to the exterior of your house. Invest in some of the latest technology to keep your house environmentally friendly and sustainable, while keeping the inside of your house nice and classic. Solar panels are the perfect energy alternative. The panels you can get don’t look gaudy or ugly, they can, in fact, add to your home’s aesthetic!

We Have To Go Back…
When you think of classic style, you may not of classical times. Ancient Greece and Rome were the pinnacles of architecture and innovation, so why not incorporate that into your home? Their designs haven’t aged yet and they’re thousands of years old! Yelda Adal, from A Sense Of Style, has top tips for achieving a classic style. “The Romans did it. As did the Greeks. Decorating with geometry has been around since time began and it will never date. Use triangles, squares, circles and variations in between to decorate your home and you will always have a timeless interior. Starting with a base of solid colours for big items like sofas, use geometric cushions in large motifs for cushions and scale down the pattern for artwork or wallpaper.” You can follow Yelda on Facebook and Instagram for more amazing tips.

Your home represents you. Having a classic, blank canvas to work off is a great way to reflect the latest trends without making your home look tacky or dated. A classic interior is timeless and can flatter any trends that may come our way. Take it from Coco Chanel, “simplicity is the keynote of all elegance”.

This is a post written by Yelda Adal-Hall for the MyDeal Blog. 

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