The A – G of Renovating

So… you’ve decided to start renovating… I bet your mind is probably going a million miles an hour.

Paint colours, taps, kitchen layout, kitchen mixer, kitchen pantry (butlers or pull out?), carpet or floorboards, tile or stone?

Heating? Cooling? Roof tiles or Colourbond? What about the existing roof? Does it have to match the new roof? Those tiles are as old as the hills, will we find matching ones? Where do I start? What comes first?


First comes the excitement and then the realisation that approximately 1 million decisions stand between you and your dream home. Read on to bridge the gap.

B: Behave my beating heart!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, it’s okay, you’re not alone and I give you permission to exhale, help is out there, just read on to find out how.

C: Clarify your style

Now, first and foremost you’ve got to look at the big picture. Start with the grand plan and work from there into the nitty gritty specifics. Sketch out exactly what you’re envisioning and add to it as and when your ideas develop.

Correlate images of existing interiors that speak to you, take note if you see a particular pattern evolving because there will be a common thread linking all your images together and it’s this thread that you need to tease out and worship as being your thread, your feeling and your style.


D: Design a mood board for the project

(If you’re not sure how to do that exactly ­look out for my follow up blog post, 3 Steps to a Fabulous Mood Board) so you can keep track of the design concepts establishing.

Remember to stay true to yourself. Renovate for the future, not for what’s popular at this exact point in time. Keep the trends to accessories (pillows, cushions etc.) only, NOT as a guide for your entire renovation. As long as you love your style, who cares if it’s fashionable or not?

E: Excellence in Inspiration

It’s time for you to have a long, hard think about where your inspiration comes from.

Is it in the yoga studio, all white, exposed ply with yellow highlights? In the park, being immersed in nature flanked either side in luscious greens?

Or, are you a contemporary Melbourne girl, wearing your stark blacks, greys and whites loving a place that looks as sharp as you do?

Although none of us can be specifically stereotyped according to what inspires us, it certainly helps in defining where our true tastes and style lies.

F: Feel your Way

By grasping an understanding of what makes you feel most relaxed, elevated and creative you’ll have the cement on which you can then build your design blocks on top.


G: Get in Touch

The secret is to start off by getting in touch with yourself. Look inward before looking outward to limit the uncertainties, difficult decision making and inevitable bickering over any doubts you may have. By being sure of yourself, you’ll have created a guiding light to make decisions by.

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