Four Bedroom Home, Warrandyte, Melbourne

The need for a creative design to deliver a fun, interactive home was imperative for this young family. With four daughters in tow, they required a practical finish that aged well for when the children came of age. With a desire for a modern, edgy feel combined with an incorporation of sustainable materials and elements, Yelda certainly had her work cut out for her.

In full collaboration from beginning to end with the clients, the completed look was the perfect blend between urban and suburbia.

Pulling inspiration from beloved Brunswick street cafes and the children’s museum in Carlton; a fine line was toed between sophistication and playfulness.

Beginning with the kitchen interiors that featured walls of grey concrete, exposed hoop pine and touches of green through hand­made toki tiles (urban edge ceramics) highlighted through the sink splashback.

The girl’s shared master bathroom is light and airy with a stark white finish, with the continuation of the green theme through a white and green tiled bath tub and decorated mosaic walls.

An ambitious design was undertaken for the girl’s bedroom, with a double story mini townhouse used as the guiding vision. With an open plan living room featuring endless entertainment in the form of individual swing seats for each of the girls, a library and a 6 metre long study as a precursor for the school years ahead. The whimsical vision is completed with a black and white wallpaper mural of a lush forest.

Four Bedroom Home, Warrandyte, Melbourne