How Denim Drift Can Work in Your Home

duluz denim drift

With winter fast approaching, it’s not just our clothes that are changing. Interior trends are rapidly moving away from pastels, and slowly we’re seeing jewel tones taking their place. However, if you’re still sitting on the Scandi train, you’re in luck. Dulux’s Colour of the year has combined the Scandi trend with the jewel tone trend, with Denim Drift. The perfect harmony of rich blue with a fresh twist on cool tones, Denim Drift may just be the easiest colour to inject into your home.

If you’d like to feature Denim Drift into your home, but you don’t want to fully redecorate your home, here’s a few ways you can stay on trend this season.

So, you’re on the Scandi scene? If your home is one big lighter shade of pale, you can easily inject some Denim Drift into your home without detracting from your aesthetic. Painting an accent wall can bring fresh life into your home, without causing too much of an uproar. You don’t have to paint a huge wall in your home, you can instead paint a small wall in your home. The pop of colour can make a huge difference in your home, and all it takes is a lick of paint! Denim Drift is stylish enough to become a statement piece, but it can also do wonders for you in the office. If your office is a bit of a mess, and you can’t seem to concentrate in there, you should consider putting some Denim Drift in there! Not only is blue a calming colour, it can also make you stay focused. If you paint an accent wall, or keep the furniture in the office on hue, you may be able to see a difference in your work efforts!

Blues are such a calming colour, it would be crazy not to put it in the room where you sleep. Injecting Denim Drift into your bedroom can make you sleep faster, longer, and better. Your eyes are most sensitive to the colour blue, and ganglion cells (which are a part of the retina in your eyes) control your body’s 24 hour rhythm, which ultimately can affect your mood and performance throughout the day. So, why wouldn’t you want your body to react better when you’re about to snooze? Consider choosing a Denim Drift doona cover, or even paint a wall that shade. You can choose complementary colours such as grey, whites, and yellows to flow with the bedroom. Cool colours tend to make you relaxed, which will help you sleep.

You can even make your kitchen reflect the colour of the year. If you’re not into splash backs or you don’t want to fully change your kitchen, you can always paint the walls of the cabinets the shade, or you can go a little bit left field and get appliances that are in the shade Denim Drift.

You don’t have to change your whole home decor to make it on trend, but you can easily make some small changes and upgrade your home. Painting a wall in your home may seem like nothing, but it can really up the ante in your home, and make it the trendiest house on the street, without looking like a victim of a passing phase.

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