The Village, November 2016


Welcome to the first ever ‘The Village’ Newsletter.

This newsletter pays homage to those involved in the creation of amazing spaces – those that always evolve from one seed, from an idea.   We celebrate the Architect, the Interior Designer, the Builder, the Cabinetmaker, the Lighting Designer and other very important people who contribute, make, share, design, deliver, consult and execute the Designer’s ideas, breathing life into them.  This is for you.  You mould, shape and polish those ideas into special spaces for our clients.

The accomplishment of the finished product belongs to all of you, all of us.  Congratulations on a job superbly done and thank you for caring.

If you’d like to share a special project with The Village, just email me and we’ll make that happen.

Interior Design - kitchen and dining



With floor to ceiling windows 3000mm high and a Northerly aspect, this dream room could have easily turned into a nightmare.  The view from those windows not only took in the glorious sunlight but they also took in the neighbour’s tiled roof, an undesirable line of sight to brown roof tiles.  In order to provide the clients with privacy without limiting their intake of Northerly light, full blockout roller blinds with sheers in front were installed.  The full blockout blinds provided maximum evening privacy and thermal protection (minimal-moderate because nothing performs as well as full blockout drapes) in the colder Melbourne evenings whilst still allowing the glorious sun to soak into the room.  The sheers served two functions, to soften the room’s hard interior surfaces and to blur the roof view into an indistinguishable shape whilst still allowing light in.

This beautiful home was a collaboration of many talented people who each executed their roles with care, amazing attention to detail and professionalism.  The roll call is…

Building Designer:  Terry Evangelou, Dream Home Design
Builder:  Tim Hall, Pinnacle Residential
Interior Designer:  Yelda Adal-Hall, Sense of Style Interiors
Cabinetmaker:  Mark Gauci, Complete Interior Design
Kitchen Cabinetry:  Egger Board, Oak
Splashback:  Boticelli Miniature Stacked Marble,
Floor:  Tasmanian Oak with BONA Traffic finish
Lighting:  Jillian Poole, Creative Lighting Victoria, Eltham
Pendant:  Cromwell Prahran
Furniture:  Horgans Sydney