What's Your Design Dilemma??

Interior Designers seem to have developed a certain reputation for themselves. So many people envision design services are only required by the designer-­draped individuals that have more money than they know what to do with.

Well, we’d like to break that stereotype right here, right now. Here at A Sense of Style our services can be provided for a much larger scope than just those with deep pockets.

Our typical clients vary extensively ­as we’ve detailed below.

You never know – you could very well relate wholeheartedly to a plight or two.

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The couple who know what they're after, but just at a loss for time

Tess and Ben are both working professionals, employed in demanding full­ time roles. After investing in a quaint but not ­quite their taste home, they had intended on undertaking an ambitious renovation to bring it more in ­line with their sophisticated style. With the plans drawn up and a local builder sourced, it soon dawned on the couple that they were simply too time poor to work out the logistics of how the interior would be laid out.

The idea of hiring an interior designer became the most sensible decision, so they could achieve the exact look they desired without sacrificing significant amounts of time away from work. After a recommendation from their builder, Yelda was soon immersed into the project. With several years of daydreaming about her ideal home under her belt, Sally was impressively well stocked with Pinterest images and cut outs from glossy magazines for Yelda to work with.

Sally took great joy in handing it all over to Yelda, knowing that a great deal of time and effort had just been taken off her plate. With joint collaboration from beginning to end between Yelda and the couple, but all the nitty­ gritty details taken care of independently, the end result was exactly what both of them had dreamed of but without the stress and anxiety of juggling the project as complete novices.

Interior Design - lounge room

The recently single gentleman who has never had a clue

James has never stopped. Holding down an extremely busy, professional life since leaving university, he’s never had much time to think of things like his personal interior style. It’s all slightly beyond him. After the ending of a long ­term relationship, in which, his partner had made all the stylistic decisions, he was simply lacking in confidence to decorate the new apartment he’d just bought.

With a job that requires copious amounts of travel, combined with a lack of patience for starting from scratch, it came abundantly clear that James needed some professional help.

After a referral from the real estate agent, who’d recently helped him purchase his home, he was introduced to Yelda. From the first minute of their meeting, up until the final reveal, the project was unequivocally a joint effort. By sourcing various colours, fabrics and key statement pieces for James to muse over and choose, it was a way to ensure James’ home felt exactly the way he had hoped.

The end result was a true reflection of his personality, making him truly ‘house proud’ like never before.

Interior Design - bedroom

The divorced dad with difficult teenagers

After 20 years of marriage, Matthew was setting out on his own. After the painful process of dividing the belongings was over, he decided to make an investment purchase of a house for his two teenage kids to call home.

The house had ‘good bones’, located in a great area but the catch was it’s heart was well and truly stuck in 1970’s decor hell. This simply would not do, there was simply no way they could entertain guests, whinged his 15 and 17 year olds. An interior facelift was well and truly needed.

After bemoaning of his woes to several work colleagues, Yelda’s name was brought up. Without hesitation, he contacted her to explain his current predicament, and with a sympathetic ear (Yelda has two teenage children herself) she came on board, guns ablazing. With two excitable teenagers involved in the process, Yelda had plenty to work off on how she could create a contemporary look while still being fun and bold enough to appeal to the ‘cool kids’.

They were all so ecstatic with the end result. Matthew saw his kids wanting to spend more time at home than ever before, somehow even the house parties didn’t entertain like they once did. As for the ‘cool kids’, you couldn’t keep them away, even with Matthew’s daggy dad music.

Interior Design - apartment

The couple that don't know their Eames from their eaves

Having bought their family home ten years ago, Claire and David always had the honest intention of renovating the bland interior and updating their much despised 1950’s brick veneer.

But as it does, life got in the way (mainly in the form of 3 young children), and quickly time passed with very little being done in terms of home improvements. With Claire spending much of her time at home with the children, she was beginning to go stir­crazy being trapped in a home with an interior that didn’t excite her.

David, deeply troubled by his wife’s discontent decided to do whatever he could to get the renovation wheels in motion. He contacted Yelda directly and with great lengths, described their current situation. With the children at their grandparents, Claire was able to get some much needed time out to figure out exactly how she wanted her home to speak to her.

In conjunction with the draftsperson, Yelda, Claire and David figured out a way to combine both functionality (for the kids) and contemporary (for Claire) into a seamless style. With Yelda being about to point the couple in exactly the right direction, and to co­ordinate the various professionals needed to realise their plans, Claire could finally achieve the look she’d always desired without the need to neglect her parenting role.

Interior Design - lounge room
Interior Design - home office

P.S. Eames is the surname of famous American furniture and industrial designers ­Charles and Ray Eames, and also, eaves overhang the walls of your home’s exterior.