Bathroom Makeover, Kew, Melbourne

Renovation had been on the brain for this family. With the children now teenagers, it seemed as if it was time to bring a more grown­-up, sophistication look to their decor.

Unfortunately with two busy, demanding jobs it was certainly not something that could be undertaken overnight, so a plan was devised, to allow the renovations to begin slowly, not all at once.

Beginning with the master bathroom and then in due time followed by the master bedroom and ensuite, the idea was to give the family enough space to live and breathe while still following through on their bold project. The concept concocted was to create a sleek and stylish finished, defined by functional storage options and “Harry Seidler­esque” minimalism.

The completed design harkened back to the family’s recent European holiday, combining the elegance of Tuscan interiors with the chic tact of Milan. The existing outdated shower was completely re-­configured as a contemporary walk-­in, accompanied by a uniquely tiled two-third wall as a refreshing change your standard glass blade. The storage door was replaced with a seamless design, with no architraves, so as if it was to disappear to the onlooking eye.

To maximise storage, a full light vanity was envisioned to run from head ­height down to the floor, with the kicker setback to allow the client’s to stand up against the vanity directly when the mirror is in need of being used, be it for shaving or otherwise. To bring in the essence of Italy, large travertine style porcelain tiles were selected for both the walls and floor, with the modern shower clad in smaller rectangular tiles in complimentary colours.

To soften the look, Spotted Gum veneer was adopted for the vanity, with the cool silvers of Corian witch hazel bringing the scheme together.

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